Founded in 2002, APO GmbH has comprised two business divisions since 2010: APO GmbH Massenkleinteilbeschichtung (Mass-produced small parts coating) – with the APO PWIS-free cleaning service for small parts – and APO GmbH Industrielackierung (industrial coating).

Both are based at the company’s 8,000 m² site in Alsdorf. Our state-of-the-art machinery is spread across two halls with a total production area of 1,600 m².

We provide comprehensive advice on every aspect of industrial coating for your large and small objects plus LABS-free quality for small components and use our flexible and customised production processes to fulfil your needs and wishes. We support you with our experience and expertise. We see ourselves not just as a service provider, but as a partner and problem solver.

APO Coating of Mass-produced Small Parts

Small and very small components in large quantities, which can be processed like bulk goods, are the focus of APO’s coating of mass-produced small parts division. We coat small components such as seals, stationery, springs etc. with coloured lacquers, decorative lacquers, bonded coatings, PTFE coatings and more. The coatings identify components, enhance their appearance, colour or improve the surfaces, ensure low abrasion, dry lubrication, easy assembly or good recognition.

APO Industrial

Large objects for industry and trade, whether individual items, very small or small series, have been the focus of APO Industrielackierung’s business division since 2010. We coat in colour and different gloss levels, from dull matt to high gloss, create textured coatings or soft touch. We provide a new look or special function. EMC protection is equally available as corrosion protection or antibacterial coatings.