Sample Service

Sample Service


Would you like to have small parts coated in larger quantities, but don’t know whether what you have in mind is feasible? Or are you looking for a customised industrial coating for a large object, a special surface structure or a combination of protection and appearance? You would like to know what can be realised with your object based on an example?

You don’t need to visit us to clarify these questions and find solutions. Put us to the test and send us your sample parts.

We will then be able to tell you exactly

1. what is feasible from a technical point of view
2. what we recommend
3. how long it will take and
4. how much it will cost.

On request, we will also coat your sample in the desired manner. This gives you an idea of the quality of the results.
The sample coating is of course free of charge!


Information about products for sample coating: