Industrial coating &
small parts coating

With our two business divisions, we provide colours and visual effects, protection and improved function for your large and small components. At APO GmbH Massenkleinteilbeschichtung, we coat small components in medium and large quantities in batch processes.

At APO GmbH Industrielackierung, on the other hand, we coat large objects, individually or in small quantities. Our plastic coatings and lacquers optimise and decorate components, protect them from external influences, improve surface properties and visual recognisability, reduce friction and facilitate assembly. Your large, small and smallest components, individual, in small or large quantities, are given their finishing touches.

… that has always been APO’s aspiration for your components. We strive for perfection. We would be delighted to show you our understanding of quality. In the most dazzling colours and with the best functionality!
Since its foundation in 2002, our company has been a guarantor of quality in the field of industrial lacquering and coating of small parts. At our location in Alsdorf, we take care of your projects and requests in a total area of more than 8,000 m². We ensure that small and large objects receive high-quality coatings and lacquers and that small components are optimally prepared for use in paint shops thanks to our PWIS-free cleaning. You are guaranteed to find a solution for your product in our business areas of APO mass coating of small parts and APO industrial coating.

In addition to a great deal of expertise, flexibility and state-of-the-art machinery, the basis for this is one thing above all: enthusiasm for what we do.


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