APO Coating of Mass-produced Small Parts


In 2002, after four years managing a large coating workshop in the haberdashery industry, Antonio Pozo, a master craftsman vehicle painter and technician, founded APO for the coating of small parts and in 2005 made it into a limited company.

Since then, the team at APO GmbH Massenkleinteilbeschichtung has been enhancing the surfaces of small components and objects for almost all industrial sectors. With our modern machinery and automated processes, we already achieve a capacity of almost one billion coated components per year – and remain open to new innovations.




The team at APO Massenkleinteilbeschichtung can draw on almost 20 years of experience. We take care of your coating projects, components and requirements with care and commitment.

Our production colleagues ensure perfect surfaces and our customer service colleagues ensure smooth processes. We advise you on your concerns, ensure smooth order processing and are happy to answer your questions by phone or on site.

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  • 2002
    Antonio Pozo founds his company APO. Initially, the company focuses exclusively on coating small parts, starting with just one coating unit
  • 2005
    APO becomes APO GmbH Massenkleinteilbeschichtung with Antonio Pozo as Managing Director. The company is certified according to DIN ISO 9001.
    With 5 coating units, almost 250 million parts are coated per year in a single-shift operation.
  • 2010
    APO GmbH Industrielackierung is added. It is founded as a second division and from then on takes care of large objects and individual coating requirements. Thomas Dahlem takes over the management of APO GmbH Industrielackierung alongside Antonio Pozo.
    The mass coating of small parts switches to two-shift operation. The capacity has grown to 8 coating units and almost 480 million parts per year.
  • 2012
    Construction work begins on the new company building in Alsdorf.
  • 2013
    APO Massenkleinteilbeschichtung moves together with the industrial coating division to the new company headquarters in Alsdorf. All in all, 2,100 m² plus more than 8,000 m² of space for storage, transport and future expansion await them in the new building.
  • 2014/15
    Both divisions are certified in accordance with DIN ISO 14001 and awarded the “Sicher mit System” (Systematic Safety) seal of approval by the German Employers’ Liability Insurance Association for Wood and Metal (BGHM)
  • 2016/17
    APO GmbH Massenkleinteilbeschichtung develops a new low-pressure plasma system for its own production. The focus is on increasing efficiency in pre-treatment and PWIS-free cleaning, high work quality and health protection. The system is patented in August 2017.
  • 2020
    APO Massenkleinteilbeschichtung already operates 10 coating units and achieves a capacity of almost 1 billion coated components in a two-shift operation. All certifications of both divisions are regularly renewed.