Statement on the planned PFAS restrictions

Antonio Pozo:

The PFAS issue has not just been on our minds here at APO this year. After all, the dangers posed by these “forever chemicals” have been talked about for a long time. We in the painting and coating technology industry are naturally strongly affected, since so many of the available bonded coatings contain PFAS. Similar to the replacement of the NMP ﴾N‐methyl-pyrrolidone﴿ co‐solvents in coatings, we also expect serious cuts in product availability in the future with regard to PFAS.

Although some of these chemicals are undeniably harmful to the environment and health and should therefore definitely be replaced, we are watching the regulatory process with mixed feelings. Once again, it is apparent that an issue has not been completely thought through to its ultimate conclusion. Many companies are currently and rightly getting actively involved in the process in order to prevent incorrect risk assessments or over‐regulation.

Regardless of whether and which restrictions will take effect in the future, we are dealing with them proactively at APO. We are constantly working to remove critical and hazardous substances from our portfolio and replace them with harmless materials. After all, we are convinced that everyone should play their part in creating a healthy environment. That’s why , about two years ago, we started developing a PFAS‐free , high‐performance bonded coating and can already offer our customers a solution.


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