APO GmbH Coating Small Mass Produced Parts – Company Portrait

Since its foundation in 2002, our company has always stood for premium quality in the field of lacquering – we make sure that small and big objects are furnished with top grade decorative or functional coatings, or components are optimally prepared for use in paint shops through our PWIS Cleaning.

Who is APO GmbH Massenkleinteilbeschichtung (APO’s Coating of small mass priduced parts)? The enclosed summary gives you all important facts and figures about the APO GmbH Massenkleinteilbeschichtung from 2002 up to now. How do we work and what are our core capabilities? This is a brief summary of the compony development, the production equipment and existing certifications. Get a general idea of possible solutions for your products. In any case of doubt please do not hesitate to contact us. Certainly we will also find a solution for your special requirements!


APO GmbH Massenkleinteilbeschichtung

  • Konrad-Zuse-Straße 2b,
    D-52477 Alsdorf
  • +49 (0)2404-5998-0

  • www.apo.ac

Contact person

Antonio Pozo, Manager