Cost-savings through use of patented plasma unit for PWIS/LABS cleaning and coating of elastomeric components
7. June 2019
APO GmbH Coating Small Mass Produced Parts – Company Portrait
9. April 2019


PWIS/LABS conformity of elastomeric components
Reasonable use of VDMA 24364

In paint shops, especially clean components are essential. Any contamination, which may cause disturbances in lacquering, must be completely removed.The appropriate cleanliness requiremens normally are defined as LABS-free (PWIS-free), silicone free or LABS-confomity (PWIS-confomity).

Sources of paint wetting impairment substances (PWIS or LABS) are very different. Not only silicones are critical substances. To achieve the required PWIS/LABS free condition or PWIS/LABS conformity normally the components need to be cleaned. In particular, the cleaning of elastomeric components, such as sealing elements, is an especially challenging task. Cleaning processes adapted to the requirements provides potential savings in time and cost.

The presentation shows the failure mode caused by PWIS/LABS and gives a brief summary of the VDMA specification 24364.